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I offer a wide variety of shows and show packages that can be custom-tailored to fit your particular entertainment needs and venue.

The cabaret style, comedy magic show will work for both small and large audiences.  A complete turn-key operation set up at your venue.  From sound equipment to backdrops and everything needed to transform your location into a magical parlor.

Florida event and party magician performing the Harry Potter Floating Table mystery Rober performing the amazing Floating Table Illusion!

The 30 to 45 minute cabaret style show combines magic, comedy, sleight of hand, and mind reading.  Something for everybody.

The Illusionist Rober also specializes in close-up, sleight of hand magic.  The beauty of this style of magic is that your guests’ hands become Rober’s stage as close up illusions are presented only inches from your eyes.  Close up magic is one of the purest forms of legerdemain, and Rober is no stranger, masterfully commanding even the greatest of skeptic’s respect.  In fact, Rober is a member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, but now Rober can add the ultimate touch of class to your function performing his intimate magical miracles.

South Florida Corporate Event and Party Magician Rober performs the amazing Double Wrist Chop Illusion

Rober performs his signature Double Wrist Chopper Illusion

South Florida Magician and Illusionist Rober performing the amazing Shrinker Illusion

Rober “shrinks” one of his lovely assistants during a live performance on stage!

Rober Sawing An Audience Volunteer In Half!

South Florida event and party magician and illusionist saws an audience volunteer in half!


Hire The Magic of ROBER as your party and event Magician & Illusionist.