Worry-Free Entertainment for Corporate & Private Events

Looking to make a last-minute addition to your holiday party that will blow away your guests? Boca Raton magician Rober, specializes in turning events into celebrations. Call now to have a world-class magical entertainer delight all of your guests with fun, interactive magic that’s perfect for your next event or function.

PRIVATE PARTY – If you are having guests at your home, you want casual, non-intrusive entertainment that every guest will love. No matter their age or interests, everyone LOVES watching magic, even more so when they get to experience it in front of their eyes and in their very own hands. A close-up magician is a perfect way to energize the atmosphere of your party and involve all of your guests.

Rober performing some incredible close-up magic.

Entertainment may be the most important asset for your private party. The food and drinks will eventually be forgotten, but Rober can help make your next event an occasion that people will remember long after it is done.

Rober has entertained at private parties ranging from cocktail receptions to penthouse suites and can perform intimate, close-up magic using borrowed objects from your guests.

Rober’s floor show will work for both small and large crowds, and Rober can set everything up in your own home (including microphone and sound system).








Rober performing some hilarious comedy magic.

You will be getting the same entertainment that Rober performs internationally for cruise lines and corporate events. Rober will not de-mean or embarrass your guests, and combines magic with comedy, mentalism, and sleight-of-hand to create a performance that your guests will talk about for years to come.

This holiday season if you are having a party in the South Florida area, contact us NOW to reserve your date by submitting our contact form or by calling us direct at 1-888-762-3711.

COMPANY EVENT – Are you having a holiday business party, function, or holiday celebration for your company employees? Hire the best magician in South Florida and make this year’s party the one that all of your guests will talk about! You’ve probably booked a venue for this year’s party. You’ve got the food, the music, and the guest list. Now add that final touch of class, warmth, and energy by inviting Rober to entertain your entire staff.

Rober’s interactive, audience tested performance will be a hit at your next event. The 30 – 45 minute show combines magic, comedy, sleight-of-hand, and mind reading – Something for everybody. Rober can tailor his routines specifically for you and your organization, and can incorporate routines written specifically for your event (including making your CEO or President magically appear).

The performance typically starts with close-up, sleight of hand magic during your cocktail or social hour. Your guests will enjoy magic with cards, coins, and objects borrowed from them. This accomplishes a few things. First, it allows Rober to meet your guests and learn their names. Secondly, it gives your guests a common ground to discuss what they just witnessed, helping to foster introductions between attendees. Finally, it allows Rober to plan who will work best for various segments in the floor show.

The best time to begin the floor show is right after dessert has been served, at a time when your group is collected together and table service can stop temporarily. Rober’s show can be scaled up or down to accommodate most crowd sizes. For larger audiences, Rober can bring his assistant and larger stage illusions.

Rober “Shrinking” his assistant during his stage illusion show.

Rober does not require special lighting or staging for most shows and has a microphone and sound system available.

However, to achieve optimal viewing for the audience, a stage or platform is recommended.

If you’re planning an event, my job is to make your life easier. You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that your guests are in for an absolute treat. Whether you have an audience of 5 or 5,000, I offer a variety of entertainment services that will turn your next event into a true celebration.

Rober Sawing An Audience Volunteer In Half!

Now doesn’t that look fun?

This is road tested over hundreds of shows where I’m only doing the material that kills ‘em every time.

And frankly, you know someone from your group you’d like to see sawn in half!

That’s what makes the show. Your people put into hilarious situations!

This is a guaranteed hit at your event every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I guarantee you’ll have people coming up to you afterwards saying “That was fantastic! Where did you find that guy?”

Corporate magician Rober offers magical entertainment for sales meetings, trade shows, product launches, and hospitality suites. Whether you need close-up or stage magic, or to magically produce the CEO, Rober can provide the services you need.

Rober’s show combines magic, mentalism, comedy, and illusion in a 30 to 45 minute performance. His quick wit and charm will keep your audience laughing throughout the evening.

If you are planning an event for your company, you know how daunting finding the best entertainment can be. By hiring The Magic of Rober, you can rest easy knowing that you have hired a dynamic professional who will show up on time and ready to perform. Most importantly, your company will thank YOU for setting up the program.

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